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How To Grow in Instagram?

There are various ways to grow on instagram, it is presently the go to social media networking site for sharing photos and videos with over 2 billion active users.  Instagram marketing with a high follower count can heighten exposure for businesses to reach out to the target audience. It is very important to brainstorm content ideas that engage the audience to your overall traffic and sales goals.

Here are some ways to grow on instagram organically-

  1. Instagram users currently spend about 40% of their time on the application watching reels, thus the first big step of growing in instagramto make one major change to your social strategy is by prioritizing growth of your Instagram account. Through reels and eye catching posts.
  2. Putting up quality content in your feed, as instagramabove all else, is a visual platform. And low quality content won’t get any engagement.
  3. Post regular and Use Instagram Analytics to feed your persona research in order to grow your instagram from zero. Use analytics to know when your audience is most active and use that data to optimize your posting schedule.Instagram also gives insights into your audience’s age, gender, and location breakdown thatcan be a starting point for customer persona research. There must be a steady flow of valuable content that keeps the users engaged.
  4. Any trend in instagramlasts for some time, but it is important to retain the followers you have into long-term followers. Get creative in the way you engage with your audience, as when people see that you have taken out the time to engage in a conversation or resolving of any query with them, there is quality engagement.
  5. Instagram bio adds identity to the business or profile, it is the primary identification. Thus instagram bio must contain relevant hashtags and CTCs that is crucial when looking for new Instagram users. The bio lets people discover what your brand is all about and this should give people the idea about why they should follow you. Keywords are also important in your bio. Also using relevant hashtags is important as hashtags can help your post appear in instagram search results and this post might appear in the main feed of people who are specifically interested in your niche. The number of hashtags should be between 3 and 5.
  6. Creative captions with clear call-to-action(CTA) or a question can be added to boost engagement. Engage your followers so that they interact with your content and remain followers over the long term.The only way to learn what works best for your audience and potential new audience is to experiment and track your results. The final step is to add the location if it is relevant to your business. This can help build your local following and make it easier for other local brands to find and contact you.

It is important to utilize instagram analytics, hashtags, putting up high-quality images in your feed and create engaging feed and CTA. These tips can be used as a guide to set up the pedestal for success.


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