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Advantages and disadvantages of Machine Learning

A base data or knowledge on which the machine trains and makes decisions is called machine learning. Algorithms make up the core of machine learning. Algorithms  are tested and the result is checked with the correct answer. This comparison helps to undermine the discrepancies in the results and helps companies to make customer data more organised, systematic, and even more useful. There are many sectors where machine learning is being used and helping all the industries by improving customer service, bringing automation and helping in innovation of products.

Advantages of Machine Learning –

Machine learning is about making  machines self-reliant and workable with data. 

  1. Artificial intelligence has done wonders when integrated with machine learning. It  has made everything more self-reliant and more self-driven.
  2. Once the machine has been provided with data it automatically starts reading patterns in it and checks how the data flows.
  3. Some of the applications of machine learning are- stock forecasting, sales prediction, operations management, analytics of products, fraud detection, and many others. And the internet has   become one of the crucial components of living today.
  4. Machine learning has made our lives a lot easier than we thought.
  5. No human interference is required when machine learning is  being undertaken. 
  6. The programming is done in such a way that based on past data or actions it will itself develop into something better.
  7. Time taken to do a task has reduced significantly as everything has become automated and streamlined due to machine learning. Human errors are also reduced.
  8. Machine learning has opened up new opportunities for people.

Disadvantages of  Machine Learning-

  1. Machine learning on a  larger level depends on data. Data is acquired from multiple sources. If the data source is not reliable then we cannot expect the correct outcome. Most of the time the external sources can be wrong.
  2. All the resources required for the machines lead to high costs and the time wasted for the algorithm to set is also a huge waste of resources  and time.

 3 .  One of the biggest disadvantages of Machine learning is that it might not interpret the results accurately as the algorithm set is the basis of interpretation and if that is faulty then the results will be interpreted wrong. 

  1. Machine learning relies on only two things  and thus there are bias  defects that lead to erroneous conclusions.

In a nutshell, machine learning is the science of teaching machines how to become self-reliant.


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