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Chat Gpt- What Is It All About?

Chat GPT is a chatbot launched by OPEN AI, widely in use for various natural language processing tasks. A chatbot is a conversational application that aids customer services and enhances human support with artificial intelligence. Chat GPT garnered attention for the detailed responses and articulation of answers across vast domains of knowledge. This application works wonders into the field of language translation, training GPT on a large dataset based on relationship between languages and forming a connection that is accurate as well as fluent. Text classification, conversing and answering of questions are some other tasks that add to the versatility of Chat GPT. Its ability to generate human-like text and understand the context of a conversation makes it a valuable asset for a variety of purposes.

Advantages of Chat GPT-

  1. Any type of Artificial intelligence has efficiency as it does not need breaks, which adds up to an useful aspect for increasing customer service as there is a high demand for conversation.
  2. Chat GPTs are cost effective and saves up the amount of money that would be required to pay the human capital involved. Thus it is cost effective.
  3. GPT can be trained in any language and it can have personalised responses based on the inputs received and dataset trained in.

Disadvantages of Chat GPT

  1. GPT has limited understanding of context and cannot replace the subtleties of human conversation. The main drawback of any type of artificial intelligence is that it does not possess empathy as a machine learning model.
  2. GPT cannot take responsibility for the actions it does or considers itself accountable in the same way a human being would.
  3. Chat GPT is also limited to algorithms that implies it functions only in certain manner and does not have a diverse approach towards creative or original responses to certain prompts.

This opens up a huge avenue of opportunities where code can be swapped in multiple languages and give outputs based on it. The possibilities are endless, with the by-product of drawbacks.



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